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A Comprehensive Guide to Scaling Web & Mobile Apps on AWS – Part 1

I published a 12,000+ word guide in January on on building scalable apps on Amazon Web Services.  I’ve been a longtime Hacker News reader so it was gratifying to see the article get 500+ upvotes on Hacker News!  It also attracted about 30,000 readers in the first 24 hours of publication.

Part 2 of the article is brewing right now, mostly in the form of gaining the real-world experience necessary to write a thorough and helpful guide.

Read the Article on

Update/December 25, 2016 : has been down for a few days now, so if you’d like a copy of the article just email me and I’ll send you a PDF.

Regarding Part 2, I have all the knowledge and experience to write it, but I’ve been busy getting our new “DevOps as a Service” company Gruntwork up and running. I’d like to make it a Q1-2017 goal to publish Part 2, and will report back here once I’ve formally committed to that. Thank you for all your interest!

Update/January 6, 2017: Looks like AirPair is back online, so you can view the article there now!

  • Stefano Vozza

    This is a fantastic article. Really looking forward to part 2.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Stefano! Part 2 is in the works…

      • Joseph Duarte

        Josh fantastic article, puts most the AWS white papers into comprehensive best practices guide. The kind of post I would pay for. Is Part 2 out? Let me know

        • Thanks so much, Joseph! Part 2 is not out. I’ve unfortunately been busy with some exciting projects and haven’t had the time. I hope to focus on it in a few months, though.

  • Really great read, I am waiting for the release of part 2.

  • Daan Hage

    Even more than a year later. Still an awesome read! Although I can’t find part 2. Hope this will still come 1 day. 🙁

    • I appreciate the kind words! I really want to write the Part2 as well. The problem is that Part1 created a lot of client work which I’ve yet to come up from! Hopefully in Q1-2017.

  • Asterisk

    I was hoping to be able to read your article. But it looks like the page has an error.

  • James

    could you send me a copy for it?, Thanks!

    • Sent, though AirPair now appears to back online.

  • Marshall Alsup

    I just read part 1. Really really good useful article to understand all the basic concepts at a high level. Thanks a ton for writing it! I’m strongly looking forward to part 2.

  • Sunil Chhablani

    Hi Josh, can you mail me the PDF for part 1 ? seems to be down.

  • Sreenivas Kaushik

    Hi Josh, Great article, looking for part 2 of your article.Could you please send me the Part 1 PDF to my account Thanks.

  • ziomek

    Hey, Airpair is down again. Could you please share the article with

  • Ragesh Gopinathan

    Hey Josh, very helpful article. Looking forward eagerly for Part 2

  • Malik

    Hi @joshpadnick:disqus
    Very nice article. Great work!

    Part2 of this article is already available?

  • Dean

    thanks a lot for the articel, good stuff to jump in.
    Any news on Part 2?

    with kind regards D. K.