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Play Framework + Docker + CircleCI + AWS + EC2 Container Service

I was invited to speak earlier tonight at the Phoenix Java User’s Group on Play Framework, DevOps, and AWS.

I decided to do a basic walkthrough of Play Framework, and to build a continuous deployment pipeline live as part of the presentation. I wanted to actually implement something so that (a) I would be forced to pick specific technologies I could talk about, and (b) I could talk about the real-world challenges of implementing something.

I created 4 public GitHub repos to implement this:

Check out slide 36 for some directions on how to use all these items together, although I recognize the overall documentation may not be suitable for beginners since the presentation itself filled in the gaps in the slides. Enjoy!

  • Stefan Asseg

    Great slideset! And exactly the technologies I would’ve chosen 🙂

    Why not use the sbt-native-packager (activator docker:publishLocal) to package the Play! app into a Docker image?

    • Thanks for the kind words, Stefan!

      sbt-native-packager is probably a better option for packaging the Play app in production, but I also wanted an environment that developers could run locally without needing to install anything and a Docker container works pretty well for that, provided you use a tool like to ensure fast I/O with the container.

      But, if you don’t need such an environment, sbt-native-packager is probably a better solution.