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I Launched My New Website!


I’m so happy to announce that I finally launched my new website, the very one you’re reading right now. I really enjoy writing for its own sake, but my old Wordpress blog eventually got some configuration issues and rather than fix it, I just wanted to move to a staticly generated site.

I chose Hugo, a Go-based static site generator and it was a pleasure to work with. At every step, Hugo was an accelerator, never a blocker. Hugo is well-documented, relatively easy to learn, supports all the major features I needed (pagination, categories/tags, partial templates, CSS compilation and magnification, lots of template functions, custom URLs, markdown-based authorship), and of course you have the full power of Go at your finger tips.

I did the bulk of the work over my holiday vacation. I allocated two days, and it wound up taking 4 days total. Yep, even this humble blog followed the typical software development pattern of things taking about twice as long as you originally expected. As a result, the design is pretty limited. If you have any design suggestions, I’d appreciate your sharing them. In the near future, I hope to also add a commenting feature back in.

I’d also like to thank Ibtehaj Raza who helped me migrate a bunch of the content from my old blog to the new one.

I haven’t written anything new on this blog in nearly 1.5 years! It will be fun to start writing thoughts again as I encounter them. Between growing Gruntwork, growing my kids, and life in general, I’m looking forward to sharing.